Animoto Assigment


Animoto -> how to do it.

This is an individual assignment were you make a 2 min long animotovideo that gives a short presentation of what your successful person is all about. You are to find an inspirational character/person and explain why you have chosen this person. Go on and make and account where you use the promocode given to you by us. 

Click here for inspiration!.

Criteria for the Animoto:

  • explanation of the story of success this person portrays
  • short biography of the person (is it a rags to riches story?)
  • conclusion of why you have chosen this person and what you have learned from examining his/her success story.


Welcome To Animoto For Education

Your promo code is:


Animoto videos :

Frederikke: Justin Bieber

Birgit: Miley Cyrus

Marcus: Eminem

Esben: Samuel L Jackson

Viktor: Will Smith

Mathies: Bai D

Anders: Snoop Dogg

Rønne:  One Direction

Søren:  Tom Hanks

Rasmus: Steven Gerrard

Sara: Barack Obama

Sofie: Olly Murs

Axel: Rasmus Lauge

Freja: J.K. Rowling


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