English Agenda

Monday 14th week 3:

  •  Introduction to the class on who we are and bit on what we will be doing.

Also explain a bit on the topic of success

Brainstorm on success with the class:


  • Watch the clip: ” “How to Remember Peoples Names””:
  •  Name Game:

We will be watching a clip on youtube on: “How to Remember Peoples Names”, and then we will be playing a name game where each person
has to say his/her own name followed by the name of an animal with the same first letter. Then we have another round where each person has to say the persons name an animal of the ones that went before you.

28-1So the first one says his own name and animal followed by the next that says his own and the one before him. And so it continues. So you can imagine how difficult
it is going to be for the one who is last! The last ones will of course be us because we are the ones who have to remember YOUR names. But remember  the names of the animals you choose have to be in English.

  • The Game of Succes:

Everyone in class each write down 3 successful people on a piece of paper. The papers are gathered into a hat, and each pick up a paper from the hat and without looking and it. Then the pupils form themselves into groups of two and then each place their paper on their forehead.


Afterwards the group members ask each other 20 question regarding the famous person that they have placed on their forehead. The first one to reach the name of the celebrity  has won. If they end up guessing the name but are equal in points, they exchange the papers with some knew ones from the hat. It then is to be continued until they find a winner.
  •   Class discussion after the game:
Who do you find successful and why?
Glossary on the board

Monday 28 week 5

1) Dictogloss Exercise

Recunstruct the song: sutter’s mill by dan fogelberg 

We will start out by forming a circle and each person in class receives a note where one phrase from the song is on. Then after going through all of the notes from each person a couple of times, we then let the students mix among themselves and try to connect the notes into a part of the song.  As a result the will end up in the same circle but in a different order, and play the song to see if they have done it correctly. If not the simply place themselves in the right position.

  • Indtroduction to Anitmoto project

2) Education and television mixed together reveals great success

paradise hotel se det første klip

  • Short discussion on the television show paradise hotel 2013 where Paris Hilton visit’s the guests. First we will start out talking a bit about the show, so that everyone knows exactly what the show is about.

Questions (in English):

– What is the show Paradise Hotel about?

– Where is Paradise Hotel filmed? And where is that country placed in the world?

– Who is Paris Hilton and what makes her successful?

Click on: Paris Hilton Wiki

Then we review a clip were Paris asks the male guests of the show what kind if girls they would prefer as a partner. We will be watching the clip so that the students better can identify themselves with the courage and insecurities of speaking English. (From min. 7.31 to 12.48) 

– What do you think of the conversation you saw in the clip? Was it well spoken English by the Danish male guests?

For example Anis says to that he likes “sweetie” girls.  Which is the correct way to say it?


Globalization, connection, social knowledge, mixed languages, formerly only Danish speaking show.

Monday 4 week 6

Animoto video task description: [http://animoto.com/play/C6JPTu090rEq0HGGM75GzA]

1) Super Bowl

We will be starting out with a short walk-through on what Super Bowl is all about in the NFL, because a lot of the students are tired after watching it Sunday night. So why not explain to the class what went on yesterday in English, and also talk a bit about the culture and eating habits of the super bowl fans.

2) Poem or Rap

This is a individual task in the writing process.

Write a poem or a rap, in the poem or rap you will answer 1 or 2 of the following questions:

a. Who do you find succecful? And why?

b. Why do you want to be succesful?

c. How will you achieve to become succecful?

Now that you have a poem or a rap, you will have to videotape or record it. You will have free hands to peform however you like it. 🙂

Poem formula:

  • The sound of the poem – When people read your poem out loud, or in their heads, they will pause slightly at the end of each line.
  • The speed of reading – Shortening or lengthening the lines can speed up or slow down the way people read.
  • Does the poem look light, delicate, with a lot of white space around the lines? Or are the lines packed solidly together?
  • Emphasis – Words at the end of a line seem more important than words in the middle.

Rap formula:

  • A rhyme scheme depicts how the lines of each verse rhyme. For example, if the first 2 lines rhyme with each other and the last 2 lines have a different rhyme from the first 2 lines, but do rhyme with each other, the rhyme scheme is AABB.
  • Use multi rhymes to create a more complex rhyme and impress your listeners. A multi rhyme is when more than one syllable at the end of a line rhyme with those in the corresponding line. You can create multi rhymes by writing down all of the rhymes for one syllable, then all of the rhymes for the next syllable. After that, you select the rhymes that work best.
  • You can use perfect rhymes, where both the consonants and the vowels rhyme, like “cat” and “hat.” To make your rhyme more interesting, you can also use slant rhymes where usually only the vowels rhyme or sound similar, such as “say some raps” and “to sign a contract”

A little helping hand: http://http://ettcweb.lr.k12.nj.us/forms/newpoem.htm eller http://http://www.creative-writing-now.com/poem-structure.html

Rhyme helper: http://http://www.rhymezone.com/

e.g. 8a’s raps and poems

Rap by Rønne og Frederikke: about Justin Bieber

In Stratford, Canada born and raised On the playground where he spent most of his days Jamming out, singing and relaxing all cool And shooting some basketballs outside his school When a couple of guys, they didn’t have a wife Started making miracles in his feature life one little song, it made him strong and now he’s proving all the haters wrong

Poem by Aksel:

I will be successful if I

Will be a professional handballplayer.

That would be wonderful indeed.

I would kneel and do a prayer. :3

That’s certainly a dream of mine,

I will work as hard as possibly I can

I hope that I will do just fine

I’ll swing like Tarzan in a liane

2) Digtogloss

The teacher reads a short story about success about 1 or 2 times. All computers are to be closed. First the students listen without writing it down. Second time the teacher reads the short story while the kids write down notes about the story. They hear the story a last time and fill out the holes in their notes. Afterwards groups of 3-5 talk about reconstructing the text as flawless as possible. After 10 minutes they get a copy of the original text and check for mistakes.

3) Hangman

A game of hangman to reveal the code, so they can enter the page with the song and story of the dictogloss exercises.


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